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Net Economics #Classical Economists and their work# Economic theory

 Net Economics #Classical Economists and their work# Economic theory Pls follow , like and share Classical economics, also known as classical political economy, is a school of economic thought that emerged in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It laid the foundation for modern economics and was dominant until the late 19th century. Classical economists focused on understanding the mechanisms of economic growth, production, and distribution of goods and services in market economies significant contributions and the years in which they were active: Adam Smith (1723-1790): Major Work: "The Wealth of Nations" (1776) Contributions: Smith is often referred to as the father of economics. In "The Wealth of Nations," he introduced the concept of the invisible hand, arguing that individuals pursuing their own self-interest in a free market economy unintentionally promote the general welfare. He also discussed the division of labor, productivity, and the role of markets i

11 Reason to be sucessful in Net Jrf Economics exam

  11 Reason to be sucessful in  Net Jrf Economics exam  1) Interested in the mind- Start developing mentally that you are learning best ie Economics , it's particularly important that you're interested in and engaged with your subject. 2) Aptitude for Mathematical Economics - Interpreting visual data like graphs and some  basic Mathematics like Calculus, Linear algebra and statistics will help you in basic prepartion of Net Exams.You should work on this .  3) Knowledge of  Basic Economics - Read Basic books to make your concept clear.This will help you to understand complex Economics concept. 4) Understanding Diffrent theories of scholars - Read some concepts Theories of Classical, Neo classical , Keynes and other scholars.which will be help you to start on your prepartion 5) Self Motivated - Self driven, Committed, Concentrated, Trust yourself. 6) Time Management-Successful students should plan their weeks  well in advance  to complete their study. 7) Admitting you don't u

CUCET 2022 attention 12 appearing students

  CUCET 2022 attention 12 appearing Students Whatsapp at 7737896705 for joining online program CUCET  2022:  The first ever mandatory common entrance test for admission to undergraduate programmes in all the 45 Central universities will be held in the first week of July, UGC chairman M Jagadesh Kumar announced on Monday. The Common University Entrance Test (CUCET) is a computerised exam and will be conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA), which will announce the test pattern on Tuesday, he said. The application window for the examination will open in the first week of April. Admission to undergraduate courses in these universities will henceforth be solely based on the CUCET score, and Class 12 Board marks will not carry any weightage, Kumar said. The universities can, at best, use the Board exam marks as an eligibility criterion for the test, he said. This effectively means that performance in the Class 12 Board examination will no longer be a factor in admissions across Centra

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Net Economics #Classical Economists and their work# Economic theory

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